[CME |videos] MasterClass Heart Chamber Quantification 2019


Heart Chamber Quantification MasterClass

As course subscriber you can check out some cases about wall motion abnormalities, strain analysis. See how to interpret left ventricular function in heart transplantation and many more cases from our EchoSkill Lab (Block 9).



Left ventricular size and mechanics

 41:33 Chapter 1

Anatomic features of the LV How does the heart contract? How does the heart adapt? When does the LV dilate? Which measurements of size are available? How are the measurements performed? What are the normal values?

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The right ventricle

 30:29 Chapter 3

Anatomic features of the right ventricle. How does the RV contract? How to measure and grade RV size. How are the measurements performed? Causes of RV dilatation and dysfunction. Clinical implications of right heart pathologies.

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Left ventricular hypertrophy

 58:13 Chapter 4

Why does LVH develop? What are the causes of LVH? The „Athletes Heart“. Hypertensive heart disease. How do we quantify and grade LVH? How are the measurements performed? Differential diagnosis of LVH.

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The atria and summary

 51:21 Chapter 5

Anatomic features of the atria. Function of the atria. How to measure and grade left atrial size. How are the measurements performed? What is the clinical implication of LA dilatation? Other pathologies of the atria and the IAS.

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Speckle Tracking – Methodology and normal findings

 30:14 Chapter 6

What is Speckle Tracking Echocardiography? How does it relate to Tissue Doppler Imaging? How does STE help in the assessment of LV function? What are the normal values? Are the strain measurements reliable? How can it be used in clinical practice?

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